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Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products



Weight: 4.0 lb
Place one or two bricks in an area you would like to start a mineral site or add to an existing mineral site. Lick N Gro bricks work great in addition to our Lick N Gro loose mineral and other Backwoods attractants. Lick N Gro mineral bricks are designed to extend the life of your mineral site by offering the same popular Lick N Gro mineral, but in a pressed brick form. Lick N Gro is crucial in the Spring and Summer months, but is a great supplement for year-round use.
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Extended Mineral Supply: The pressed brick form ensures a longer-lasting mineral source, reducing the frequency of reapplications and maintaining consistent nutrient availability.
Easy to Use: Simply place the brick in the desired location, making it effortless to start or enhance a mineral site without the need for extensive preparation or maintenance.
Versatile Application: Ideal for creating new mineral sites or boosting existing ones, offering flexibility in your wildlife management strategy.
Complementary Product: Works great alongside LickNGro™ loose mineral and other Backwoods attractants, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your feeding program.
Year-Round Benefits: While crucial during the Spring and Summer for antler growth and fawn development, the LickNGro™ Brick provides valuable nutrients throughout the entire year, supporting overall herd health.
Highly Attractive: It ensures deer are drawn to the site and consistently consume the essential nutrients needed for optimal health and development.
Min. Max.
Calcium 0.6% 0.56%
Phosphorus 0.50%
Salt 93% 98%
Salt, Monocalcium Phosphate, Mineral Oil, Iron Oxide, Artificial Apple Flavor.

CAUTION: Keep away from children and domestic animals.
Choose the Location: Select a suitable location for application, such as around a decaying stump or an area of bare ground where deer are known to frequent.
Prepare the Site: Clear the chosen spot of any debris, leaves, or vegetation to ensure the LickNGro™ Brick has direct contact with the ground.
Place the Brick: Set one or two LickNGro™ Bricks directly on the ground or near a decaying stump. Ensure they are positioned securely to prevent movement by wildlife or environmental factors.
Monitor the Site: Regularly check the mineral site to observe deer activity and brick consumption. Note how frequently the deer visit and how much of the brick has been used.
Replenish as Needed: When the LickNGro™ Bricks have been significantly consumed, replace them with new bricks to maintain a consistent supply of essential minerals.
Combine with Other Products: For enhanced effectiveness, consider using LickNGro™ Bricks in conjunction with LickNGro™ loose mineral and other Backwoods attractants to create a comprehensive mineral and feeding site.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Anthony Williams
A lick whitetails love

My deer are loving this mineral

Caleb K.
Great Attractant

Bought at my local dealer this morning, Put out at lunch today on the edge of a logging road, and already have deer on them this evening.


Great product! It will keep the deer coming in consistently!


Added this with bagged lick n gro kept them coming back for a lick!

Andrew Edwards
Guaranteed results

It doesn’t take long for them to find it and keep them coming back!