Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products

Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products was formed in 2016 as a brand of J&J Bagging out of Yazoo City, Mississippi. J&J Bagging is comprised of eight different brands: AMC Feeds, Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products, Legends Dog Food, Southern-Gro Fertilizer and Seed, SoilPro Cover Crop Seeds, American Melody Bird Feed, Legacy Horse Feed, and Delta Grown Grains. J&J manufactures the products under these brands as well as distributes them across the Southeastern U.S. Backwoods started out as a regional product line and has, over the past years, grown to be a national brand. Backwoods began with just a few products and now has just shy of 100 products that are on the market. The name Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products pretty much says it all…. PREMIUM

The entire goal of Backwoods is to stay at the upper end of the quality spectrum while maintaining a competitive price point. We intend to have the most innovative and premium line of wildlife products that can be found anywhere on the market that most anyone can afford. We are very committed to ensuring that our products are top-tier and premier. All of our products are sent to our Testing Grounds for research and development purposes to guarantee only the highest quality of products. Each one of our products that has gone to the market will have the Testing Grounds stamp of approval on it. Our motto is if we wouldn’t use it, then we would never expect our customers to use it! We hope that, by doing this, we will keep our brand from being associated with the cheaper, gimmick products that you find on the market today. Our goal is to not only bring the absolute best wildlife products to the market that anyone can afford and enjoy, but also provide and show proven results of each product that we have had at our Testing Grounds. We hope to earn your business, and we thank you in advance for your support of Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products!