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Weight: 40.0 lb
Cottonseed has become a popular protein source for deer over the past few years. It is high in fat and oils, is high in digestibility and protein, and little else will eat it such as raccoons, feral hogs, and most birds.  It increases weight gain and body condition quickly, especially in post-rut stress periods. Our blend of cottonseed, triple cleaned corn, LickNGro minerals, FlameKissed soybeans, and sunflowers will have your deer walking through HI-COTTON.
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• Fortified With LickNGro Minerals and Vitamins
• Strong, Delicious Aroma
• Cottonseed Is Rich In Protein And Fat
• Less Attractive To Raccoons and Hogs
Min Max
Protein 20%
Fat 10%
Fiber 10%
Salt 0.01% 0.04%
Calcium 0.01% 0.02%
Phosphorus 0.10%
Potassium 0.15%
Magnesium 0.01% 0.02%
Copper 3 ppm
Selenium 0.26 ppm
Zinc 15 ppm
Vitamin A 1200 IU/lb
Vitamin D3 500 IU/LB
Grain products, plant protein products, molasses products, processed grain by-products, monocalcium phosphate, salt, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, vegetable oil, manganous oxide, manganese sulfate, zinc oxide, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, selenium yeast, brewer's dried yeast, ethylenediamine dihydroiodide, calcium iodate, cobalt carbonate, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, mineral oil, artificial flavoring.
Hi-Cotton is designed to supplement natural forage and browse for deer to provide protein, energy, minerals, and vitamins necessary for growth & development, pregnancy, lactation, and antler growth. This feed can be fed free-choice, or in measured amounts on the ground or in appropriate feeders and should be used in accordance with local wildlife laws and conservation programs. Feeding amounts will vary depending on where deer are in their production cycle and forage availability/quality. During late pregnancy, lactation, and antler growth, deer may eat from .75 to 2.00lbs per head per day. Ensure that fresh, clean water is available at all times. Keep feed fresh in cool, dry storage. Do not use feed that is old, damp, molded, or insect contaminated.

Customer Reviews

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Great Products

I have recently started using only BackWoods products. Along with the Hi-Cotton several other attractants have worked on my land. I can't wait to see what's in store for 2024. Keep up the great work fellas.

Joseph Fuentes


Ashley Johnson

I will be buying more. The deer on my lease had it gone within a day.

Tyler Burrell
Best Around!!

Everything you need is all in this one product! Great smell, great balance of protein and great results! Works like a charm!

Great Stuff!

The new HI-COTTON is some great stuff! Not only do the deer love it... the wild hogs and raccoons don't care for it very much so more feed gets to the deer. High protein % and has plenty of essential minerals and vitamins to help those bucks reach their full potential and to keep the mama does fat and happy to give off plenty of milk for the upcoming fawning season.