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Weight: 5.0 lb
SWEET GREENS was carefully formulated to ensure consistent forage throughout every stage of your hunting season. They will browse on the leaves during the Fall and absolutely hammer the bulbs during the rut and post-rut periods when the starches are being converted to sugars. After this happens, there isn’t much that is more attractive to a whitetail deer! If you are searching for the best brassica blend to plant on your property, we hope you will consider SWEET GREENS!
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• Highly attractive to deer
• Quick establishing blend
• Perfect early, mid, and late season blend
• Plants 1/2 acre

  • Sugar Beets

  • Purple Top Turnips

  • Daikon Radish

We recommend broadcasting at 10lbs/acre and drilling at 5lbs/acre. For more information about designing and planting your food plots, refer to our Food Plot Design Guide and Planting Guide.