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The Protein Plus™ Block by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products® is a high-performance, compressed 18% protein block designed from our popular Protein Plus™ formula. Enriched with over 10 essential minerals and vitamins, it promotes overall herd health and maximizes antler growth. Infused with our irresistible Krave™ flavoring, it attracts wildlife immediately, ensuring consistent usage. The Protein Plus™ Block is an ideal supplement to help your deer herd reach its full potential, providing balanced nutrition and essential nutrients year-round. Perfect for maintaining a healthy, thriving herd, it’s a must-have for serious wildlife managers.

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Regular price $22.99 USD
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High Protein Content: With 18% protein, the Protein Plus™ Block supports muscle development and overall growth, essential for deer health and maximizing antler growth during the critical developmental phases.
LickNGro™ Vitamins and Minerals: Enriched with our popular LickNGro™ vitamins and minerals, this block ensures comprehensive nutritional support, promoting robust immune function and enhancing overall herd health.
Irresistible Attraction: Infused with our proprietary Krave™ flavoring, the Protein Plus™ Block attracts deer quickly, ensuring they consistently return for more, making it easier to monitor and manage your herd.
Easy to Use: The compressed block format is convenient and easy to use, requiring no special equipment or complicated feeding setups. Simply place the block in your desired location and let it do the work.
Supports Antler Growth: The balanced nutrition provided by the Protein Plus™ Block is specifically formulated to support and maximize antler growth, helping bucks reach their full genetic potential.
Year-Round Supplement: Suitable for use throughout the year, the Protein Plus™ Block provides consistent nutrition to support deer during all seasons, from harsh winters to the demanding rut and fawning periods.
Min Max
Crude Protein 18%
Crude Fat 4.5%
Crude Fiber 14%
Calcium 5.0% 6.0%
Phosphorus 0.70%
Salt 2.5% 3.5%
Copper 265PPM
Manganese 1,100 PPM
Selenium 7 PPM
Zinc 800 PPM
Vitamin A 25,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D3 2,500 IU/lb
Vitamin E 30IU/lb
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Preparation: Remove the PROTEIN PLUS™ BLOCK from its packaging.
Placement: Place the block directly on the ground in your chosen location.
Site Selection: For optimal effectiveness, place the block in new or existing feed sites, mineral sites, or other highly concentrated deer areas. Ideal locations include areas frequented by deer for natural forage and browse.
Feeding Method: Feed the PROTEIN PLUS™ BLOCK free-choice to supplement natural forage and browse.
Supplemental Use: Use the PROTEIN PLUS™ BLOCK as a standalone supplement and attractant or alongside our PROTEIN PLUS™ pellets or other supplemental feeds to enhance the nutritional intake of your herd.

Easy To Feed

Year-Round Protein

Suitable for use throughout the year, the Protein Plus™ Block provides consistent nutrition to support deer during all seasons, from harsh winters to the demanding rut and fawning periods.

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Came straight to it

Started using it almost immediately. Awesome products

The Plot Pod
Protein Block Plus

Deer love them! It doesn't last long once the wrapper is off.

Great product!

Great product! Deer love ‘em!

Great product

I love this product I have 4 out now and the deer love them

Great product!

Great source of protein and mineral to help your herd!