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Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products



Weight: 20.0 lb

LAZY ACRE is what we believe to be the best no-till blend on the market. It is super easy to establish and grows just about anywhere! It is not your ordinary throw and grow blend. The forage ryegrass in this blend creates lots of tonnage while the brassicas and clovers provide lots of protein and carbohydrates. This is a one of a kind blend that will give your herd everything they need.

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• No-Till “LAZY” option
• Formulated to maximize forage
• Plants one acre per bag
• Premium blend producing premium results

  • High Sugar Forage Ryegrass

  • Trophy Rape

  • Crimson Clover

  • Arrowleaf Clover

  • Buck Radish

We recommend broadcasting at 20lbs/acre and drilling at 14lbs/acre. For more information about designing and planting your food plots, refer to our Food Plot Design Guide and Planting Guide.