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Put them where you want them with Krave™ by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products®! We believe Krave™ is the strongest and most effective liquid attractant on the market, designed to draw deer in and keep them coming back. This is no gimmick; spray Krave™ after every feeding so your herd associates the sweet, strong scent with fresh feed. Its powerful aroma not only attracts deer but also serves as a reliable cover scent while hunting. Trust Krave™ to enhance your hunting strategy and maintain consistent deer activity in your area.

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Strongest Liquid Attractant: Krave™ is formulated to be the most powerful liquid attractant on the market, ensuring it draws deer in from great distances and keeps them returning.
Versatile Usage: Use Krave™ as a spray after each feeding to create a strong association between the sweet smell and fresh feed, or apply it as a cover scent while hunting to mask human odors.
Enhanced Deer Activity: By consistently using Krave™, you can condition your herd to associate the scent with food, increasing deer activity and improving the likelihood of successful hunts.
Non-Gimmick Assurance: Krave™ is a proven, effective product designed for serious hunters, backed by thorough testing and positive results in the field.
Long-Lasting Aroma: The potent, sweet smell of Krave™ lingers long after application, providing an enduring attractant that continues to draw deer to your area.
Easy Application: Krave™ comes in a convenient spray bottle, making it easy to apply to feeding sites, trails, or hunting locations, ensuring optimal coverage and effectiveness.
Proprietary blend of natural and artificial flavoring, sweeteners, and oils.
Prepare the Area: Select the desired location for application, such as feeding sites, trails, or hunting areas frequented by deer.
Shake Well: Before each use, thoroughly shake the Krave™ bottle to ensure the attractant is well-mixed and ready for application.
Apply After Feeding: After spreading feed or filling feeder, spray Krave™ liberally over the feed and surrounding area. This helps deer associate the sweet, strong smell with fresh food, enhancing their attraction.
Use as a Cover Scent: When hunting, apply Krave™ to your boots and on the tree or stand you are hunting in to mask human scent and blend into the natural environment.
Reapply Regularly: For consistent results, reapply Krave™ after each feeding session and periodically throughout your hunt to maintain the strong scent and keep deer interested.
Store Properly: Keep the Krave™ bottle upright and in a cool, dry place when not in use to preserve its effectiveness and longevity.

Caution: Do not spray on skin or eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical attention if necessary.

Customer Reviews

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Braxton Brumfield
Great stuff

Awesome for using as both a cover scent and extra aroma for feed sites to attract more and carry scent longer distances.

Jerald Pepper
What Favor Krave???

Spray liberally on foliage, feed, or any other food source that you would like for deer, and wild hogs to consume. KRAVE can also be sprayed on boots and clothing as a cover scent. I like the persimmons Krave, because I have persimmon tree on my property .


Best cover scent I’ve ever used!


Like ringing the dinner bell! The long range sweet smell let’s em know the feeder is full.

The best

My go to