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Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products



Weight: 1.52 lb
Put them where you want them with KRAVE! We believe this is the strongest and most effective liquid attractant on the market. We assure you that this product is not a gimmick. We spray KRAVE after every feeding so that our herd relates fresh feed with that sweet, strong smell. We also use this as a cover scent while hunting.
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• Strong Aroma Attracts From Afar
• Great As A Cover Scent
• Put Them Where You Want Them
Proprietary blend of natural and artificial flavoring, sweeteners, and oils.
Spray liberally on foliage, feed, or any other food source that you would like for deer, wild hogs, or bears to consume. KRAVE can also be sprayed on boots and clothing as a cover scent. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.