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Weight: 50.0 lb
We developed BUCKROBBER with every hunter in mind. If you are looking for an edge to see and harvest mature bucks, this is the product for you. This is not just your regular flavored deer corn. BUCKROBBER is a super strong corn attractant that is soaked in our irresistible KRAVE flavoring and then rolled in our MAGIC MEAL dry flavoring and sweetener. The flavoring brings them in from a distance and the sweetener keeps them coming back for more. This is what we refer to as “candy” since it is used for attraction and making those nocturnal bucks show up in the daylight hours. Use that buck’s keen senses to your advantage. We are confident this product will improve your hunting success.
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• Long-range Corn Attractant
• Sweetened Triple Cleaned Corn
• Irresistible KRAVE Flavoring
Min Max
Crude Protein 7%
Crude Fat 2.5%
Crude Fiber 3%
Sweetened Triple Clean Corn
Feed free-choice in a spin cast, gravity, or trough style feeder. DO NOT feed moldy or insect infested feed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Attracts deer so well!

Pulls deer from everywhere! Love this stuff in the apple and the berry. Can’t beat it

Trent Boutwell
Very stout smelling stuff

I use this during November and December to really try to attract some new deer into my spot. It without a doubt has the strongest smell out of any attractant i've tried.