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Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products



Weight: 50.0 lb

BuckRobber™ by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products® is a revolutionary product designed for hunters seeking a unique advantage in attracting and harvesting mature bucks. Unlike anything else on the market, BuckRobber™ is not your typical flavored deer corn. This powerful corn attractant is soaked in our irresistible Krave™ flavoring and then rolled in our famous Magic Meal™ dry flavoring and sweetener. Its potent aroma draws deer in from great distances, while the sweet taste ensures they keep coming back for more. Referred to as "candy" for its ability to lure even the most elusive nocturnal bucks into daylight, BuckRobber™ leverages a buck's keen senses to your benefit. Trust BuckRobber™ to enhance your hunting success and ROB THOSE BUCKS!

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Unmatched Attractant Power: BuckRobber™ is soaked in our proprietary Krave™ flavoring and coated with our Magic Meal™, creating an irresistible scent and taste that draws bucks in from long distances.
Increases Daytime Activity: Specifically designed to make nocturnal bucks appear during daylight hours, BuckRobber™ helps you get more opportunities for successful hunts.
Superior Retention: The sweet flavoring and enticing scent keep deer returning to your hunting area, ensuring consistent activity and maximizing your chances of a successful harvest.
Easy to Use: Simply scatter BuckRobber™ in your desired hunting location or place in an appropriate feeder and let its powerful attractant properties do the work, eliminating the need for complicated setups or additional attractants.
Versatile Application: Suitable for use in various hunting environments, BuckRobber™ can be used in feeders, on the ground, or mixed with other feed to enhance its effectiveness.
Proven Results: Developed by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products®, BuckRobber™ has been rigorously tested and proven to improve hunting success, giving you the edge you need to ROB THOSE BUCKS!
Min Max
Crude Protein 7%
Crude Fat 2.5%
Crude Fiber 3%
Sweetened Triple Clean Corn
Select Your Location: Choose an area where deer are known to frequent. Ideal spots include trails, feeding zones, and near water sources.
Prepare the Ground: Clear the ground of debris such as leaves and sticks to ensure BuckRobber™ is easily accessible and visible to deer.
Spread Evenly: Scatter BuckRobber™ directly on the ground in your chosen location, where legal, ensuring an even distribution to maximize its attractant properties.
Use with Feeders: For enhanced effectiveness, BuckRobber™ can be used in spin-cast, gravity, or trough style feeders. Simply fill your feeder with BuckRobber™ or mix it with regular feed.
Monitor Activity: Regularly check the area for deer activity and replenish BuckRobber™ as needed to maintain its strong attractant presence.
Plan Your Hunts: Based on increased deer activity, schedule your hunts accordingly to take full advantage of BuckRobber™'s ability to attract and retain bucks in the area.

Customer Reviews

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Buck robber apple doesn’t work on my place

I must say I am a big fan of small town and have seen them have great success with backwoods products but on my place in the delta (not too far away from testing grounds ) the deer will walk right by it and look at it funny and go straight to eating regular corn . I tried sweet stuff last year as well and it wasn’t touched by my deer .


This stuff is great. Highly recommend

Use it or someone else will pull your deer!!

This stuff smells great. If you want something that will hold your deer, then I’d suggest using this product. They will keep coming back and coming back in daylight!!!

Give your deer something extra

BuckRobber is a great change up from regular corn! Super strong smell! Have had great results!

Deer ❤️ Apple favor

I use the Apple 🍏 favor the most and see tons of deer.