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Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products



Weight: 50.0 lb

FlameKissed™ Soybeans by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products® are a game-changer in wildlife nutrition and attraction, embodying the perfect balance of appeal and nourishment. Utilizing our proprietary FlameKissed™ roasting process, these soybeans not only emit a tantalizing aroma that wildlife finds irresistible but also offer enhanced nutritional availability. This unique roasting method, originally developed to boost dairy cattle's milk production and overall health, translates directly to remarkable benefits for the deer population. Feeding on our soybeans, deer experience improved protein absorption and overall vitality, mirroring the positive impacts once observed in dairy herds. Backwoods' commitment to superior quality ensures that each batch of FlameKissed™ Soybeans delivers unmatched palatability and nutritional value, setting a new standard for wildlife feeding excellence.

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Enhanced Nutrition: FlameKissed™ Soybeans provide a high-protein, nutrient-rich feed that promotes overall health and growth in deer, ensuring they receive essential vitamins and minerals.
Improved Palatability: Our unique FlameKissed™ roasting process enhances the natural flavor of soybeans, making them irresistible to deer and encouraging consistent feeding.
Digestibility: FlameKissed™ Soybeans are easier for deer to digest compared to raw soybeans, maximizing nutrient absorption and promoting better digestion and overall well-being.
Energy Boost: Rich in energy-dense oils, FlameKissed™ Soybeans supply deer with the necessary calories to sustain their energy levels, particularly during the critical seasons of growth, rut, and winter.
Versatile Use: Suitable for various feeding methods, FlameKissed™ Soybeans can be used in feeders, spread on the ground, or mixed with other feeds, offering flexibility for different feeding strategies.
Year-Round Attraction: By providing a nutritious and tasty food source, FlameKissed™ Soybeans attract deer throughout the year, increasing your chances of spotting and harvesting mature bucks consistently.
Min Max
Crude Protein 37%
Crude Fat 18%
Crude Fiber 12%
Triple Cleaned Whole Roasted Soybeans
Feeding Method: Offer FlameKissed™ Soybeans either free-choice or utilize a suitable feeder that facilitates easy access for deer while protecting the feed from the elements.
Year-Round Feeding: For optimal benefits, it's recommended to incorporate FlameKissed™ Soybeans into your wildlife feeding program throughout the entire year.
Strategic Protein Supplementation: Utilize these soybeans as a primary protein source from February to August to support deer through critical periods of pregnancy, lactation, and antler development.
Attractant Usage: Leverage FlameKissed™ Soybeans as an effective attractant during the hunting season to draw deer into your area.
Quality Assurance: Always inspect the soybeans before feeding and avoid using any that show signs of mold or insect infestation to ensure the health and safety of the wildlife.

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