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Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products



Weight: 5.0 lb

FlameKissed™ Crushed by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products® offers a potent blend of FlameKissed soybeans, peanuts, and corn, all expertly crushed to release an irresistible aroma. This powerful attractant is perfect as a standalone product or as a feed topper, enhancing the appeal of any feeding setup. While it's hard to surpass the benefits of FlameKissed™ whole grains, FlameKissed™ Crushed pushes the limit with its nutritionally enhanced formula. The long-range roasted aroma draws deer from afar, ensuring they find and stay in your area. Combining the benefits of a high-quality attractant and a nutritional supplement, FlameKissed™ Crushed is an essential addition to any wildlife feeding program.

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Irresistible Aroma: FlameKissed™ Crushed releases a powerful, long-range roasted aroma that attracts deer from great distances, increasing the likelihood of frequent visits to your feeding area.
Enhanced Nutrition: The blend of FlameKissed soybeans, peanuts, and corn provides a rich source of essential nutrients, supporting overall deer health, growth, and vitality.
Versatile Usage: FlameKissed™ Crushed can be used as a standalone attractant or as a feed topper, offering flexibility to enhance any existing feeding strategy.
High-Quality Ingredients: The use of nutritionally enhanced grains ensures that deer receive a balanced and beneficial diet, promoting muscle development, antler growth, and reproductive health.
Easy Application: The crushed format makes it simple to spread or mix with other feeds, providing an effortless way to boost the attractiveness and nutritional value of your feeding program.
Increased Deer Activity: By incorporating FlameKissed™ Crushed into your feeding routine, you'll see increased deer activity in your area, improving your chances of successful sightings and hunts.
Min Max
Crude Protein 20%
Crude Fat 10%
Crude Fiber 10%
Triple Cleaned Whole Corn, Roasted Peanuts, & Triple Cleaned Whole Roasted Soybeans
Choose the Location: Select an area where deer are known to frequent, such as trails, bedding areas, or near water sources, to maximize the effectiveness of FlameKissed™ Crushed.
Prepare the Site: Clear the ground of debris such as leaves, branches, and rocks to ensure the crushed grains are easily accessible and visible to deer.
Apply as a Standalone Attractant: Spread FlameKissed™ Crushed directly on the ground, where legal, in your chosen location, creating a concentrated area that will draw deer in with its powerful aroma.
Use as a Feed Topper: Enhance the appeal of your existing feed by sprinkling FlameKissed™ Crushed on top, ensuring it mixes well with other feed to increase overall attractiveness.
Monitor and Refill: Regularly check the feeding site for deer activity and replenish FlameKissed™ Crushed as needed to maintain a consistent attractant presence.
Maintain Freshness: Store any unused FlameKissed™ Crushed in a cool, dry place to preserve its aroma and nutritional value, ensuring it remains effective for future use.

Customer Reviews

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Matt Ross
Great attractant!!!

This is one of my go to’s. Great product.

Walker williams
Great stuff

The flame kissed crush gets 5 stars from me and the 5 pound bags make it easy to carry in and pour out before a hunt! Highly recommend


Great for mixing in with some corn in a gravity feeder!

Good stuff!

This stuff works! You will not be disappointed!

Justin Daugherty

Crushes the competition