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Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products



Weight: 50.0 lb

FlameKissed™ 22% Blend by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products® sets a new benchmark for wildlife nutrition, combining the allure of our FlameKissed™ roasting process with a carefully crafted blend of grains. This high-protein 22% mix is specifically designed to meet the intensive dietary needs of deer, providing an enriched source of nutrition that supports maximum growth, optimal health, and significant antler development. The FlameKissed™ roasting technique, initially developed to enhance the dietary value for dairy cattle, has demonstrated remarkable benefits for deer as well, dramatically improving protein utilization and overall condition. With its irresistible aroma and enhanced nutritional availability, this blend serves as a powerful attractant, ensuring deer eagerly seek it out, particularly during crucial growth phases and the hunting season. By choosing FlameKissed™ 22% Blend, you offer wildlife a superior feed that promises both exceptional taste and unmatched nutritional support.

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High Protein Content: FlameKissed™ 22% Blend boasts a robust 22% protein level, providing the essential building blocks for muscle development and significant antler growth in bucks.
Enhanced Palatability: The FlameKissed™ roasting process enhances the natural flavors, making the blend highly appealing and ensuring deer are consistently attracted to and satisfied with the feed.
Optimal Digestibility: The roasting process also improves the digestibility of the ingredients, allowing deer to maximize nutrient absorption and promoting better overall health.
Energy Dense: Packed with energy-rich components, FlameKissed™ 22% Blend supplies the necessary calories to sustain deer during critical periods such as rutting, growth phases, and winter months.
Comprehensive Nutrition: This blend offers a balanced mix of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, supporting the overall health, vitality, and reproductive success of the deer herd.
Versatile Application: Suitable for a variety of feeding methods, FlameKissed™ 22% Blend can be used in feeders, spread directly on the ground, or mixed with other feeds, providing flexibility to accommodate different feeding strategies and environments.
Min Max
Crude Protein 22%
Crude Fat 10%
Crude Fiber 8%
Triple Cleaned Whole Corn & Triple Cleaned Whole Roasted Soybeans
Feeding Method: Offer FlameKissed™ 22% Blend either free-choice or use a suitable feeder that ensures easy access for deer while protecting the feed from moisture and contaminants.
Year-Round Feeding: For maximum benefits, incorporate FlameKissed™ 22% Blend into your wildlife feeding program throughout the entire year to support continuous health and growth.
High-Protein Supplementation: Utilize FlameKissed™ 22% Blend as a primary protein source from February to August, aiding deer during critical periods of pregnancy, lactation, and peak antler growth.
Attractant Usage: Use FlameKissed™ 22% Blend as an effective attractant during the hunting season to draw deer into your area, increasing your chances of a successful hunt.
Monitor Consumption: Regularly check feeders and feeding areas to ensure the blend is being consumed. Adjust feeding locations as necessary to match deer movement and activity patterns.
Quality Assurance: Always inspect the blend before feeding and avoid using any that show signs of mold, spoilage, or insect infestation to ensure the health and safety of the wildlife.

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Trip Kinard

Wow! Some of the best supplemental feed I’ve ever used!