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Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products



Weight: 40.0 lb

Buck Duo™ by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products® revolutionizes deer feed by enhancing traditional corn with a robust blend of protein pellets and a hint of apple flavoring. This innovative mix not only attracts deer more effectively than plain corn but also offers significant nutritional benefits to enhance herd health. Recognizing that bucks show a preference for protein, Buck Duo™ combines the best of both worlds, ensuring a highly effective attractant that supports overall wellness and antler growth. This cost-effective solution provides a superior alternative to conventional corn feeds, delivering higher value at a competitive price point. Choose Buck Duo™ for a nourishing, appealing, and economical feeding option that goes beyond ordinary expectations, making it an essential choice for conscientious deer managers.

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Nutritionally Enhanced: Buck Duo™ combines traditional corn with protein pellets and apple flavoring, offering superior nutrition that supports deer health and antler growth.
Increased Attraction: The unique blend of corn and protein, enhanced with apple flavor, makes Buck Duo™ more appealing to deer than regular corn, ensuring higher visitation rates to feeding sites.
Cost-Effective: Provides a high-value, nutritious alternative to plain corn at a similar price point, making it an economical choice for managing deer populations.
Dual-Function Formula: Serves both as an attractant and a nutritional supplement, maximizing the benefits of each feeding and supporting overall deer health.
Versatile Feeding Options: Buck Duo™ can be used in a variety of feeders or directly on the ground, making it adaptable to different terrain types and feeding preferences.
Preferred by Wildlife: Field tests show that deer prefer Buck Duo™ over traditional corn, making it an effective tool in wildlife management and hunting strategies.
Min Max
Protein 10%
Fat 8.0%
Fiber 10.0%
Grain products, processed grain byproducts, & molasses products.
Select Feeding Locations: Choose strategic areas where deer frequently visit or where you wish to attract more deer. Ideal locations are near water sources, shelter, and natural deer trails.
Prepare the Feeding Site: Clear the area of debris and other obstructions to make the feed easily accessible to the deer. Ensure the site is visible from a distance to attract deer effectively.
Feeding Amount: Feed Buck Duo™ free-choice ensuring the feed stays readily available.
Regular Feeding Schedule: Feed at least twice a week to maintain a consistent presence and keep deer returning to the site. More frequent feeding may be necessary during peak seasons or in high-traffic areas.
Monitor and Adjust: Regularly check the feed levels and deer activity. Adjust the quantity and frequency of feeding based on deer behavior and nutritional needs, especially during seasonal changes and breeding periods.
Safety Compliance: Always follow local wildlife management laws and regulations regarding feeding practices to ensure ethical and legal compliance.

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Trent Boutwell
Economy deer feed

If you are looking for an economy deer feed that is around the same price as regular corn but has way better nutrition, I highly recommend this product! My deer love it, and it's been quite surprising to me how many more bucks I've seen while using it vs. traditional corn.