Testing Grounds

At Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products, we don't just promise quality - we prove it. Welcome to The Testing Grounds, the heart of our commitment to excellence and the key to maintaining our status as a leader in the hunting industry. The Testing Grounds is more than just a facility; it's a concept, a philosophy, and a rigorous process where our passion for the outdoors meets innovation.

Driven by a team of dedicated hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, we constantly brainstorm, create, and innovate. Ideas and prototypes developed at our facility are brought to life at The Testing Grounds, where they undergo rigorous research and development. Here, every product is tested to its limits, ensuring it meets the high standards we set for quality, effectiveness, and reliability. If a product doesn't meet our own strict criteria for use in the field, it doesn’t make it to our customers. This is our pledge to you - no gimmicks, just premium, dependable products that we're proud to stand behind.