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Joint Vetch is a premium legume native to the southeastern United States, specifically formulated for enhancing wildlife food plots. Renowned for its ability to thrive in moist woodland soils, this variety is highly palatable and offers immense benefits to wildlife. Joint Vetch can reach heights of up to three feet, providing high-quality forage with a protein content of around 20% and a digestibility rate of around 70%. At the Testing Grounds, we have observed significant improvements in deer health and activity, as the nutritious and easily digestible forage supports robust antler growth and overall herd vitality. Additionally, Joint Vetch's resilience in flooded conditions ensures continuous growth and forage availability, making it an exceptional choice for warm-season food plots. Enhance your wildlife management with Joint Vetch and witness the remarkable benefits for your deer herd.

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Regular price $62.99 USD
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High Nutritional Value: Joint Vetch offers high-quality forage with a protein content of around 20% and a digestibility rate of around 70%, ensuring deer receive essential nutrients for optimal health and growth.
Native and Adaptable: As a legume native to the southeastern U.S., Joint Vetch is well-suited to local climates and soil conditions, making it a reliable choice for wildlife food plots in the region.
Promotes Soil Health: Being a legume, Joint Vetch enhances soil fertility by fixing nitrogen, which improves soil quality and benefits other plants in the food plot.
Resilient Growth: Joint Vetch can reach up to three feet in height and is capable of regrowing after flooding, ensuring a consistent food source even in variable weather conditions.
Wildlife Attraction: Highly palatable to a variety of wildlife, Joint Vetch increases wildlife activity and diversity in your plots.
Proven Performance: Observations at our Testing Grounds show significant improvements in deer health and activity, demonstrating the effectiveness of Joint Vetch in supporting robust antler growth and overall herd vitality.
Preparation: Clear the planting area of debris, weeds, and any existing vegetation to create a clean seedbed.
Soil Testing: Conduct a soil test to determine pH and nutrient levels. Adjust the soil pH to 6.0-7.0 using lime if necessary. Apply appropriate fertilizers based on the soil test results.
Seed Rate:
Broadcasting: Spread Joint Vetch seed at a rate of 20 lbs per acre.
Drilling: Use a seed drill to plant at a rate of 12 lbs per acre for more precise placement and better seed-to-soil contact.
Planting Depth: Ensure seeds are planted at a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch. If broadcasting, lightly rake or drag the area to cover the seeds with soil.
Timing: Plant Joint Vetch in late May to early June when the danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures are around 68°F for optimal germination and growth.
Moisture: Ensure the soil is adequately moist during the planting process. Water the area if there has been insufficient rainfall to help seeds establish.
Maintenance: Monitor the plot regularly for weed competition and manage as necessary. Ensure consistent moisture through rainfall or irrigation to support growth.

For more detailed information about designing and planting your food plots, refer to our Food Plot Design Guide and Planting Guide.

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Alex Nicholson
The best out there!

Provides excellent protein and super resilient. Best option out there

Matt Ross
Great off-season source

Joint Vetch works great in those tough to produce areas. Even with the heavy grazing it continues to produce.

Pretty legit stuff! No doubt

Going to need to get some of this looks great!

Jones Brogdon
Joint Vetch

This is a great choice to plant near an area that is prone to occasional flooding. After the water goes down, the vetch will still continue to grow. Good stuff!

Brady Willcutt
A little goes a long way

Best product there is