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Introducing the pinnacle of efficiency and durability in wildlife feeders, Backwoods® Ritual™ Feeders. Crafted out of steel to endure the elements, this feeder boasts up to a remarkable 600lb capacity, ensuring ample supply for wildlife. The feed window makes it easy to monitor feed levels. The built-in funnel, HD spin motor, and metal spinner, ensure a seamless cast across a 360-degree pattern. Protecting your feed is a steel varmint plate, fortifying against unwanted interference. At a convenient height level, you can easily fill this feeder without standing on an ATV or tailgate. Assembling this marvel is a breeze, requiring no tools and taking less than five minutes.

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• 360-Degree Spread: Ensures uniform feed distribution in all directions.
• Feed Window Visibility: Monitor feed levels effortlessly, ensuring timely refills.
• Integrated Solar Panel: Keeps the battery charged and ready, promoting efficiency and sustainability.
• Durable Powder-Coated Steel: Offers robust construction for lasting performance.
• Secure Dual Locking Lid: Protects feed from the elements and wildlife.
• Varmint Plate Protection: Guards against unwanted pests, securing feed integrity.
• Versatile Capacity Options: Available in 300lb and 600lb sizes to suit your needs.
• Convenient Low Profile Design: Facilitates easy filling without the need for standing on an ATV or tailgate.
• Simple, Tool-Less Assembly: Quick and easy setup gets you operational in less than 5 minutes.
1. Unbox Your Feeder: Carefully open the box and remove all contents, laying them out for easy access.
2. Assemble the Legs: Locate the leg holes on the base of the feeder. Gently insert each leg into its corresponding hole until securely in place.
3. Secure with Pins: For each leg, find the provided pins and insert them through the designated holes to firmly secure the legs.
4. Adjust the Solar Panel: Find the bolt on the solar panel. Remove it, and then tilt the panel to the correct angle for optimal sunlight exposure. Once adjusted, retighten the bolt to secure the panel in place.
5. Install the Battery: Open the battery compartment and insert the battery. Connect the wires to the battery terminals, observing the proper polarity.
6. Program Your Timer: Follow the instructions to set your desired timer settings for feed dispersal times and durations.
7. Ready to Use: With your timer set and all components securely assembled, your Ritual™ E-Z Fill Skid Feeder is now ready for operation. Fill it with your preferred feed, and you’re all set to attract wildlife to your area.

Thank you for choosing the Ritual™ E-Z Fill Skid Feeder by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products®. Enjoy an effortless feeding experience with our innovative feeder designed to make wildlife management a breeze.
Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products offers the following limited warranty for products purchased from an authorized dealer, as listed on our company website. This limited warranty covers a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase from an authorized dealer. It applies exclusively to products that exhibit defects in material or workmanship under normal use and proper storage conditions.

To make a warranty claim, you must provide proof of purchase from an authorized dealer and have registered your product online at If a defect is found within the warranty period, Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products will, at our discretion, repair or replace any defective parts.

For warranty service, please contact Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products customer service at 662-746-5155.

Exclusions to this warranty include unauthorized sales, issues with seats, paint, plastics, webbing, and defects resulting from misuse or abuse by the operator.

This warranty is provided in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied. Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We are not liable for any direct, consequential, or incidental damages arising from the use or inability to use this product.

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