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Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products®

Legacy™ HD Chair

Legacy™ HD Chair


Welcome the Legacy™ HD Chair by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products®, the epitome of durability and comfort for the discerning hunter. Crafted with an emphasis on overbuilding, this chair stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and reliability in the field. The wide seat, designed with an ergonomic focus, ensures unparalleled comfort during long waits, while its foldable armrests add an extra layer of convenience and versatility. Adorned with the distinctive Backwoods® bark pattern set against a robust black frame, this chair not only offers functionality but also blends seamlessly into the natural environment. For hunters seeking optimal positioning, the extendable legs offer easy height adjustments to suit any scenario, from elevated blinds to ground-level hides. Transport is a breeze, thanks to the innovative design that allows the legs to be removed and stored in a bag attached beneath the seat, making the journey to and from your hunting location as effortless as it is comfortable. Whether perched above the ground or settled among the foliage, the Legacy™ HD Chair is your perfect hunting companion, ensuring you remain poised and ready in utmost comfort.

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• Overbuilt and Heavy Duty: Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring durability and longevity.
• Wide, Ergonomic Seat: Offers superior comfort during extended periods of sitting, tailored for the ultimate hunting experience.
• Foldable Armrests: Enhance convenience and comfort, allowing for easy adjustments based on personal preference.
• Backwoods Bark Pattern with Black Frame: Stylish design that naturally blends into the outdoor environment while maintaining a sleek appearance.
• Extendable Legs for Height Adjustment: Facilitates perfect positioning in various hunting scenarios, from elevated blinds to ground use.
• Removable Legs with Under-Seat Storage Bag: Ensures easy transport and storage, making the chair highly portable and convenient to carry to and from hunting locations.
• Ideal for Elevated Hunting Blinds or Ground Use: Versatile design that meets the needs of hunters in different environments.
• Built for the Discerning Hunter: Combines durability, comfort, and practicality, making it an essential piece of equipment for any hunting expedition.
1. Unbox Your Chair: Carefully open the box and gently remove all the components. Lay them out for easy access.
2. Prepare the Legs: Retrieve the legs stored in the pouch located under the seat. This convenient storage solution keeps the legs secure and accessible. 3. Attach the Legs: Position the legs onto the seat base and ensure you hear a click to know that it is secured. The design is intuitive, allowing for a straightforward assembly process.
4. Secure the Seat Back: Lift the back of the seat to its upright position. Locate the pins and insert them into the appropriate holes on the seat's frame to prevent the back from folding unexpectedly.
5. Adjust for Comfort: Customize the chair's height according to your preference by adjusting the legs. This feature allows you to achieve the perfect elevation for maximum comfort and visibility.
6. Ready for the Hunt: With your Legacy™ HD Chair set up and adjusted, you're all set to enjoy a comfortable hunting experience. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the hunt as you wait for the perfect moment.

Enjoy the unmatched comfort and durability of your Legacy™ HD Chair, designed to enhance your hunting adventures with Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products®.
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Our Legacy™ HD Chair products are covered by a 90-Days Limited Warranty.

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