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Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products



Weight: 40.0 lb

Buck Munch™ by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products® combines the timeless allure of corn and rice bran, two staples in every hunter's arsenal, into one potent attractant. This innovative blend takes the best of both worlds and enhances it with a generous coating of molasses, providing an irresistible extra kick that deer can't resist. By merging these proven attractants, Buck Munch™ not only draws deer in but also satisfies their nutritional cravings. This premium mixture is perfect for keeping your herd well-fed and eager to return, ensuring that they get both the enjoyment and the sustenance they need. Ideal for hunters looking to improve their game management practices, Buck Munch™ delivers exceptional results, making it a must-have for serious wildlife enthusiasts.

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Dual Attractants: Buck Munch™ expertly combines corn and rice bran, two of the most popular and effective deer attractants, to maximize drawing power in the field.
Enhanced Palatability: The molasses coating not only adds a sweet flavor that deer love but also increases the overall palatability of the blend, ensuring deer are more likely to return to the feeding site.
Nutritional Boost: Buck Munch™ provides an extra source of energy, which is particularly beneficial during the colder months when deer need increased calories to maintain body heat.
Versatile Use: Ideal for use in a variety of settings, from small private lands to large game reserves, Buck Munch™ is perfect for trough-style feeders or simply spread on the ground, where legal.
All-Season Attraction: Effective year-round, Buck Munch™ attracts deer across all seasons, supporting hunting strategies and wildlife observation throughout the year.
Easy to Use: This ready-to-use formula is an easy and convenient option for hunters and land managers looking to enhance their wildlife management efforts.
Min Max
Protein 12.5%
Fat 5.5%
Fiber 4.0%
Grain products, processed grain byproducts, & molasses products.
Choose Location: Select a strategic feeding spot where deer frequently visit or near your hunting stand for optimal visibility.
Prepare the Site: Clear the feeding area of large debris and vegetation to make the site more accessible and visible to deer.
Feeding Amount: Feed Buck Munch™ free-choice ensuring the feed stays readily available at all times.
Regular Feeding: Establish a consistent feeding routine by replenishing the Buck Munch™ at the same location and time. This consistency helps habituate deer to the site, increasing their regular visits.
Monitor and Adjust: Keep an eye on the consumption rate and adjust the amount of feed accordingly. If you notice rapid consumption, consider increasing the feed amount to ensure continuous availability.
Safety and Legal Compliance: Always check local wildlife feeding regulations to ensure that your feeding practices are in compliance with state and regional laws.

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They love it

They tear this stuff up

Must have!!

Deer love it!


This stuff is the real deal!!! I love all of the Backwoods products. This one included. It says it in the name!! BUCK MUNCH. Try it today!! You won’t regret it


Another great attractant from backwoods!!

The name says it all…

Corn, Rice Bran, & Molasses Is a Win Win!!!!