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Weight: 25.0 lb
Big Catch 10-52-4 Water-Soluble Fish Pond Fertilizer can increase the number of fish in your pond by three to four times, resulting in 300 to 400 pounds of fish per surface acre. Fertilizers increase the amount of phytoplankton which is the base of the food chain in a pond. It is consumed by zooplankton which are then eaten by aquatic insects and small fish. Due to the thriving food chain, the amount and size of the larger fish will increase.
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• Larger, Healthier Fish
• Get The Most Out Of Your Pond Or Lake
• Easy To Apply
Nitrogen 10.00%
Phosphate 52.00%
Potash 4.00%
Boron 0.02%
Copper 0.05%
Iron 0.10%
Manganese 0.50%
Molybdenum 0.0005%
Zinc 0.05%
Monoammonium Phosphate, Ammonium Sulfate, Potassium Sulfate, Sodium Borate, Copper EDTA, Iron EDTA, Manganese EDTA, Sodium Molybdate, and Zinc EDTA. Chelating agent is Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA).
  1. Use at a rate of 4lbs per surface acre of water.
  2. Make the first application of fertilizer in early Spring when water temperature reaches 65 degrees. Follow with two additional applications at two week intervals.
  3. Make three more applications at three week intervals.
  4. Continue applications at monthly intervals or whenever the water clears enough that a white disc attached to a string is visible to a depth of 18 inches.
  5. Stop applications by the last week of October.