This isn’t your everyday mass produced, slapped together economy hunting blind.   The LEGACY™ HD Blinds by Backwoods® are built using HD Commercial-Grade Insulated Sandwich Panels that are trimmed with rigid interlocking corners to create a LIFETIME hunting structure that can be enjoyed as much in 20 years as it will be on day one.  Find the perfect spot on your property and easily slip the modular walls and system in without a need for a large tractor or equipment.  Thoughtful U.S. Design and Engineering partnered with unmatched quality manufacturing culminates in what we call LEGACY HD BLINDS.   Get one to your farm, and start to BUILD YOUR LEGACY.

The entire goal of Backwoods is to stay at the upper end of the quality spectrum while maintaining a competitive price point. We intend to have the most innovative and premium line of wildlife products that can be found anywhere on the market that most anyone can afford. We are very committed to ensuring that our products are top-tier and premier. All of our products are sent to our Testing Grounds for research and development purposes to guarantee only the highest quality of products. Each one of our products that has gone to the market will have the Testing Grounds stamp of approval on it. Our motto is if we wouldn’t use it, then we would never expect our customers to use it! We hope that, by doing this, we will keep our brand from being associated with the cheaper, gimmick products that you find on the market today. Our goal is to not only bring the absolute best wildlife products to the market that anyone can afford and enjoy, but also provide and show proven results of each product that we have had at our Testing Grounds. We hope to earn your business, and we thank you in advance for your support of Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products!

  • Features

    • Our Unmatched Design & Quality provides a blind that is Built To Last a Lifetime
    • Engineered with HD Commercial-Grade Wall Panels
    • Modular – Fast & Easy Installation
    • Thick Thermal Insulation
    • Air & Water Tightness
    • Excellent Noise Dampening
    • Corrosion-Resistant & Bug Proof
    • Lifetime Structural Panels. 
    • Thick Insulated Roto-Molded Roof with Gear Hooks built in.
    • Elite Series Silent Hinge 4mm Tempered Glass Windows
    • RV Quality Solid-Panel Door w/ Key Lockable Handle
    • Solid, Reinforced steel floor with Noise Dampening mat
    • Comfortable 72” x 72” x 85” Interior
    • MAX Visibility & Shooting  
    • 3 Vertical Windows & 3 Max Horizontal Windows
    • Moisture Vents built into wall panels to keep windows from fogging
    • Blackout curtains available to conceal movement where needed
    1.  Assemble 10’ Tower Legs & Ladder (30MIN – 1HR)
    2. Start with Solid Rubber Coated Floor
      (Arrives Ready-to-Use Assembled)
    3. Carry Modular Panels up Ladder & Place in Groove
    4. Secure Panels Together & To Floor (10MIN)
    5. Carry Roof Up Ladder Pull Down Over Walls into Secure Socket