A Deer Named Stickers

While 2020 does not evoke fond memories for many of us, it was the year of big deer for Small Town Hunting co-host Cody Kelley. He tagged several brutes, including this giant Mississippi whitetail.

It all unfolded at the Backwoods Attraction testing grounds in Yazoo County. Kelley and several others went in on a lease with the large food plot company, and they set the farm up for optimal hunting. They collaborated on blends, food plot selections, and even stand locations. In all, the place was loaded up with 35 food plots, 21 Boss Buck feeders (gravity or spin-cast feeders are legal here), and a lot of treestands.


“We started taking inventory,” Kelley says. “The place is really good, and we have a lot of mature deer. It’s probably the best I’ve ever seen for the state of Mississippi.”

The deer he ended up shooting was nicknamed Stickers. On Oct. 2, the buck showed up in a trail-camera photo.

“That was the first picture we ever had of Stickers,” Kelley says. “For whatever reason, I kind of became obsessed with him. He was the least regular of the mature deer. He was sketchy, showing up for two nights and then gone for five days. He’d be there for a week, and then gone for a week.”

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