• What Is The Testing Grounds?

    The name Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products pretty much says it all… PREMIUM!  Backwoods strives to have the most in-depth and premium line of wildlife products that can be found on the market today.  How do we plan on staying at the forefront of the wildlife industry?  Simple…The Testing Grounds.  We have a team of enthusiastic hunters and outdoor fanatics at the core of Backwoods.  We come up with ideas and prototypes on a regular basis.  We then, in turn, take those ideas and make them a reality.  We manufacture these prototypes at our facility and then ship them to The Testing Grounds for research and development.  We test every product as extensively as possible to ensure only the highest quality of products and the absolute best results possible.  If we wouldn’t use it, we don’t expect our customers to use it!  We will only bring the absolute best products to market to make sure that we are never associated with the gimmick products that our competitors flood the market with.  We are different.  We are BACKWOODS.

  • Testing Grounds Digital Series

    The Testing Grounds series is a high-end production that documents everything that it takes to build your hunting property to be the best that it can be. It focuses on land management, herd management, feeding programs, hunting techniques, and proving the success of these efforts by showing some giant deer hitting the dirt! We will show some of our TV partners hunting at The Testing Grounds as well as some of our TV partners hunting in other parts of the country to show how various products and techniques work in different areas. We plan to show you how our products are PROVEN AT THE TESTING GROUNDS!

    Hosts include:

    • Cody Kelley, Keith Burgess, and Chris Ashley of Smalltown Hunting
    • Larry McCoy of Respect The Game TV
    • Slade Priest of The Hunting Land Man
    • Blair Goins of The Rival
    • DJ Steakley of Buck Commander