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Weight: 50.0 lb

BIG 5 WHITE is quite similar to BIG 5 RED, but it contains perennial clover instead of annual clover. Once again, it is based off of our popular BIG 3 blend, so it has all of the core cereal grains that you need. It also has perennial ladino clover and winter peas to provide a little something extra. The ladino clover can last up to 5 years, so this blend is a great option if you want year-round benefits. This is a great all-around blend that will not disappoint!

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• Easy to germinate and grows fast
• Provides essential nutrients
• Great source of protein and fiber
• Contains winter peas and crimson clover for increased forage and nitrogen fixation

  • Wheat

  • Oats

  • Cereal Rye

  • Winter Peas

  • Ladino Clover

We recommend broadcasting at 90lbs/acre and drilling at 70lbs/acre. For more information about designing and planting your food plots, refer to our Food Plot Design Guide and Planting Guide.